The WVT Breiding roller grate concept

Our patented roller grate bar decreases the risk of unscheduled downtimes through an ingenious interlocking system. The tongue-and-grooves connect the roller grate bars to each other.

Currently the patented WVT Breiding roller grate system is in operational use in about 2/3rd of the plants in Germany and the Benelux countries.

Your benefits

  • Broken bars stay in line (no falling off the roller, no raising possible)
  • No blocking at the scrapers
  • Even multiple broken grate bars do not result in unscheduled downtime.
  • Easier assembly (mounting/remounting)
  • No cumbersome connection rods necessary
  • Commonly required holes (which are weak points for breakages) for connection rods are redundant.
  • Increased reliability of each roller! 
  • Decreased risk of unscheduled downtimes

More life time enhancing optimizations

  • If the usage period is usually short, we recommend a thickened surface.
  • As the additional layer is underneath, it does not affect the outer shape of the roller. The geometrical design of the roller is kept the same!
  • With the additional layer of cast iron we increase the service life of the roller by keeping the air slits small (ìdefinedî) for a longer time. The nozzle effect is kept stable and the air slits are not widened as quick as usual.

WVT Breiding fixing bar

The fixing bar offers a nameable potential for optimization. In all roller grate systems, the commonly operated bar usually has problems with openings that tend to burn open. We adapted our
fixing bar in order to achieve an efficient combustion environment. With a controlled airflow and durable grate bars, the fixing bars contribute to stable operational conditions.

Enhancements by material variations

Roller grate bars are available at Breiding either in grey cast or high alloy, heat resistant steel.

We tested different alloys in the field and determined advantages in the use of high alloy steel.

Further spare parts, e.g. air chokes or scrapers can be ordered from our product portfolio.

  • Gaps between the roller grate bars can be avoided for longer periods.
  • Extended service life (doubled and more) lead to longer intervals until complete exchange and thereby reduction of conversion costs.