Wellcome to the LIGNA

CCI Breiding is an independent German supplier of foundry products. Our portfolio comprises heat resistant steel products like grate bars, nozzles and cast-iron protection shields for superheater/economizer tubes. We deliver to 40 OEM’s, maintenance service providers, waste to energy (+RDF) plants, coal fired and biomass incineration plants.

What are you looking for at the fair…..Maybe we can give you the answer…

Your standard grate works well?

  • Let’s compare prices and see if our unit costs are lower than your current supplier!

The standard grate (bar) has weak points? You are interested in enhanced grate bars? Your grate bars should be more durable?

  • Benefit from customized wear parts according to individual boiler requirements and wear phenomena.
  • Reduce maintenance effort by enhancing wear parts service life and improving the combustion.

We deliver worldwide – and we are already one of the biggest grate bar suppliers in Europe – this enables us to generate scale benefits leading to price advantages. So, working with Breiding means saving monetary budgets twice…. Competitive price advantages for the purchaser and longer utilization periods for the maintenance teams….

You want to learn more about our company and discover our optimizations? The stars behind the scenes at Breiding are our employees, who are available for explanations and discussions at the Breiding booth at the LIGNA fair in Hannover, May 15th to May 19th, 2023. Meet us in hall 026 booth no. G45/1.